Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Art for the Heart exhibition.

Few months ago I found this invitation on Magically Mixed Art Community group Facebook page.

I read descrition on it and it reminded me of when and  why I did start creating!  in those low, hard and dark days, to express those hidden feelings, release the tension from my heart, to let the mind play with something else than sadness, resentment and emotional pain and maybe even to paint an imaginary friend for myself :).  For me the artistic expression is an awesome tool for healing the heart and a soul. And it is working for me every day. 
Art gives me peace and joy. Playing with  colours and textures, touching paint with my fingers makes me happy!  My house now looks like a small gallery, happy colourfull paintings on every wall are making my days bright and cheerful. ( My son told me lately, mum I think you should stop painting for a while, we don't have any more walls for your paintings:) ). And the painting taught me that if you don't like what you created you can always start again on new canvass or just paint over and over, it is making whole painting more interesting, rich. Just like in life, no matter what!  we can always start again tomorrow or even today, right now. 
I got inspired by this invitation  so now have an honour and pleasure to be a part of this amazing event.
This is my painting for that exhibition

It's called "Care birds"
And this is my description for it:
 " It's a powerful thing, the feeling you get when you know you have someone you can count on in your journey to recovery. To care for you,(..) to help you make sense of it all every step of the way..." 
I found those words written on a Buderim mental health hospital wall and this is my wish for each and every person going true rough path in their life.   I feel and I know this IS the most important thing, because when I was there on dark bottom of my life there was no one there for me, and to have someone who cares, listens, holds your hand,wipes your tears and reassures you that you CAN do this and that all will be ok, was my biggest longing and dream.
Every day my art is helping me to find a way to peace. 
This painting is called  "Care birds" 
So if any of you friends will be near by Yarra Gallery on Federation Square between 15-17 of November  pop in and check out all that meaningful beautiful art there. 

If you need more information go to Tobin Brothers website 
 I personally can't go there but I am waiting for pictures and articles about it on Tobin Brothers blog. :)
Thank you for reading and sharing my joy. 
Love Monika