Thursday, 12 September 2013

Donna Downey Class! Yes please!!!

Oh! so new and scary and exiting is that blog thing for me :) 

But about classes !  These where 2 great days at Joybells Scrapbooking shop! 
Very nice venue, beautiful friends and lots of arty toys to play with. 
Before class I rummaged  in a deepest drawers of my art room and dug out my forgotten and lonely pan pastels:) I had them for a long time and i am hardly using it!
 But they look so pretty in a trays:) 

It was surprising how bright they coming out on canvas! I looove bright! 

And how the texture catches pigments. 

I discovered few more things those day:

Donna Downey is an awesome, fun teacher and also beautiful, down to earth person. ❤

OMG you can put Gelatos on canvas! 

You can grow poppy flowers in QLD? Shocking right? 

Liquitex Light modelling paste Is bubbling if you dry it too hard with heat gun, so are the liquid Golden acrylic paints:). 
Or that...i do not like oil pastels! At all! 
Or that my pit pens aren't completely useless and are playing nicely with Gelatos! .....
And I am sure many more! 

Now I just need to reorganise my desk, and find some space for pan pastels there, so I can use them more often, and also keep my eyes open for Donnas classes at Joybells next year! 

Thank you for looking
Have fun with your art! 

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