Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Muse came to me.

Creativity-tea with the Muse workshop with Denise Daffara. Two things I like very much combined! : creating and drinking tea! 
 I had an amazing weekend at Buderim Art Cottage. 
I got to meet talented and inspiring Denise Daffara,
and what a delight she is to be around, spend the day creating with bunch of super girls! 
I like everything about that workshop: meditation to connect us with our muse, delightfull selection of teas, cute tea pot we got to keep 
yum yum snacks

and omg!!! gluten free carrot cake,tea ceremony, peaceful  atmosphere there, cute tea cups, 
and most of all my Muse! 
She came to me and said: 
Today my dear one, look deep in to your heart, because there is where your true essence resides! be open! Let it out And have fun with it!  Don't stress and relax!! 
At first it was bit challenging: new ideas, new technic of painting - Scratchy noises of dry brushes :) crinkled skin behind my ears but on the end I love
everything about her,( colors,  thick lines, multitude of painted layers, the way she looks at me from her painting :) not only with her eyes but also with her heart) I will treasure that connection we now have. 
That's how she looked at first

And than she transformed...and you know....she also loves tea very much ;)

Very content girl here. 
Thank you for poping in.
Love Monika


  1. What a treat to share your day. Your muse is adorable with the tea cups and little bird.